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Platform Engineering with Backstage

Ant(on) Weiss

Backstage is a CNCF project. It's the leading open-source platform for building Internal Developer Portals - systems at the core of modern platform engineering. In this workshop we'll learn the basics of the Backstage platform and see how to customize it for your software organization's needs. Some topics we will cover: - Service scaffolding - Knowledge sharing and documentation - Service Catalog - Kubernetes integration Content - Defining Platform Engineering - Platform Design Principles - Understanding Developer Experience - Backstage Overview - Getting started with Backstage - Authenticating with Github auth - Populating the Software Catalog - Modeling your Data - Defining Relationships - Entity Providers Overview - Managing Documentation with the TechDocs plugin - Scaffolding new Components - Templates and Actions - Integrating with Kubernetes Requirements Each participant will need a laptop with direct access to the internet. We also request each participant to have a working Github account with admin permissions. Target audience The workshop is for software and platform engineers. Some prior knowledge of Kubernetes is desirable but not required.