Why Kubernetes Native Infrastructure is the Future: a look at Crossplane

Andrea Giardini

Kubernetes has become the standard for container orchestration, and the need for managing complex infrastructure has grown with it. Terraform has been a popular choice for infrastructure-as-code, but it can be cumbersome to use with Kubernetes. That's where Crossplane comes in - a Kubernetes-native control plane that makes it easy to manage infrastructure and services across clouds, clusters, and applications. In this presentation, we'll explore the advantages of using Crossplane over Terraform in a Kubernetes environment. We'll discuss how Crossplane leverages Kubernetes' declarative API to manage infrastructure and services, creating a seamless experience for developers and operators alike. We'll also highlight the benefits of using a Kubernetes-native solution, including improved scalability, agility, and security. By the end of this presentation, you'll understand why switching from Terraform to Crossplane is the future of infrastructure management in Kubernetes. You'll learn how Crossplane's unique approach can help your organization simplify operations, reduce costs, and improve developer productivity. Join us to see the power of Kubernetes-native infrastructure in action.