OpenFeature - Managing Feature Flags

Robin Wyss, Nicola Roten

Are you looking for a way to deploy and release new capabilities in your software without risking downtime or impacting your users? Feature flags allow decoupling the deployment from the release of new capabilities in your software. But there is more to feature flags than adding a “glorified IF” statement around your new capabilities. In this session, you learn what a feature flag is and can be. Why and How to manage the lifecycle of feature flags. Why and How to observe and analyze the impact of a feature flag. Why and How you should implement against the open standard OpenFeature and how to build, deploy and manage your first feature flag in a few minutes with only open source tooling. As a CNCF sandbox project, OpenFeature has gained traction in the cloud-native community and offers a powerful way to manage feature flags without needing to write code or redeploy your application. Join us to learn more about this exciting project and how it can help you build better cloud-native applications.