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GitOps with Argo CD

Christian Schlatter, Raffael Hertle

GitOps is a natural extension of the Infrastructure-as-Code and Continuous Delivery principles with a focus on using Git as the single source of truth for your system. Changes to infrastructure and applications are made declaratively via a Git repository, with an automated process ensuring that the current state of your system reflects the state of the repository. This one-day training in German or English offers a practical and clearly understandable introduction to GitOps using Argo CD on Kubernetes. The workshop consists of varied presentations and hands-on labs in order to teach content in an appealing fashion. Content - Basic concepts - Architecture - Managing Argo CD applications in Git - Sync - Comparing application state (Git vs. Kubernetes Cluster) - Self-healing - Pruning of resources - Resource hooks - Sync phases and waves - Backup and restore - Various manifest formats - Permission structures Requirements Participants will need a laptop with direct access to the Internet. Target audience The workshop is aimed at people who already have prior knowledge of container technologies, Git and Kubernetes.