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Go Green: Reducing Emissions, Costs, and Greenwashing

Pini Reznik

10:15 - 11:00


Our planet is screaming for action, and businesses have a powerful opportunity to lead the charge. But navigating the world of sustainability is fraught with pitfalls, from hidden emissions to misleading greenwashing tactics. This talk cuts through the hype and delivers actionable strategies for reducing your carbon footprint, slashing costs, and avoiding greenwashing traps. Learn: - Concrete measures to cut carbon emissions throughout your IT operations and beyond, from energy use to supply chains. Including Quantifying carbon, Greener Tech (clouds, hardware, data, networking, languages) and Impact of the Tech on the rest of the business operations. - Cost-saving, compliance and value generating benefits that come hand-in-hand with environmental action, boosting both your bottom line and your brand. - Red flags to watch out for when evaluating sustainability claims, ensuring you make informed decisions and avoid greenwashing. Leave with: - Actionable blueprints: Implement practical strategies to build a lean, green IT infrastructure that saves money and the planet. - Data-driven insights: Quantify the financial and environmental benefits of your green efforts. - Critical thinking skills: Discern genuine sustainability from greenwashing tactics. Join us on this journey to a greener, more profitable future!