Terms and Conditions

1 General / scope

1.1 The association bernerit.rocks, 3000 Bern (hereinafter referred to as “organizer”) is the organizer of the Swiss Cloud Native Day (hereinafter referred to as “event”). The association's goal is to organize and carry out public, IT-related, technically motivated events in the Bern area. The association pursues non-commercial and non-commercial purposes and does not aim to make a profit. The bodies work on a voluntary basis. Club website: bernerit.rocks

1.2 The following general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) apply to participants in the conference and to all other contractual partners of the organizer.

1.3 The purchase of tickets for participation in the event in question is made exclusively on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions.

1.4 By purchasing a ticket via the platform cloudnativeday.ch you (“Participant”) accept the following terms and conditions.

1.5 Booking tickets and participating in the event is only permitted to natural and/or legal persons who are of legal age and have unlimited legal capacity.

2 Content and services / conclusion of contract

2.1 The event description on the event website cloudnativeday.ch is used to submit a ticket purchase offer. With By filling out the ticket purchase form, you are making a binding purchase offer.

2.2 You will receive confirmation of receipt by email immediately after placing your order.

2.3 If we commission a ticket service provider for the purpose of booking processing, their general terms and conditions also apply in addition to these general terms and conditions.

2.4 Of course, individual program changes may occur. Program changes - in particular changes in the program sequence - do not entitle the participant to withdraw from or challenge his purchase/booking offer, as long as this does not affect the nature of the event (see section 1.1. ) changed overall.

2.5 The organizer is entitled to cancel an order from the participant (unilateral right of withdrawal) if the participant violates a specific condition set by the organizer, which was expressly pointed out during the advance sale, or attempts to circumvent such a condition.

2.6 The tickets are personal.

3 Purchase price, discounts and payment

3.1 The ticket prices stated are fixed prices including VAT. Additional price components - such as service and shipping costs, which may vary depending on the event - will be expressly communicated to the participant in a legal manner before completing the ticket purchase. In addition, there are no other costs not shown. Technical changes, errors and printing errors remain reserved. The organizer reserves the right to make price adjustments at any time.

3.2 When booking through a ticket service provider commissioned by the organizer, the total purchase price for a ticket may exceed the stated ticket price. In this case, fees for processing the ticket purchase may be added to the ticket price and before ordering in the ticket service provider's ticket shop shown separately.

3.3 If fees or currency differences arise when paying from abroad, these must be borne by the participant himself.

3.4 The total purchase price is due for payment immediately upon purchase.

3.5 If the organizer grants a discount on ticket prices, he is free to request appropriate proof of the existence of the prerequisites for the discount (e.g. certificate of study) before granting this discount.

4 Shipping, loss and complaint of tickets

4.1 Unless otherwise agreed, either the organizer itself or a ticket service provider commissioned by the organizer to process the purchase will send the ordered number of event tickets to the electronic address (e-mail) provided by the participant when ordering immediately after receipt of payment.

4.2 After receiving the ticket, the participant must check the accuracy of the ticket himself in order to arrange for a replacement delivery from the organizer in good time before the start of the event if necessary.

5 Return of tickets, refund of the purchase price

5.1 The following withdrawal and cancellation provisions apply to all reservations and registrations: Withdrawal up to three months before the start of the event: full refund less CHF 50.00 processing fee. Withdrawal up to one month before the start of the event: refund of 50% of the total costs, whereby a processing fee of CHF 50.00 is waived. Cancellation less than one month before the start of the event: No refund.

5.2 For events lasting several days, the first day of the event is considered the start of the event.

5.3 These withdrawal and cancellation provisions also apply if you are prevented from doing so due to illness, accident or similar reasons. The declaration of withdrawal must be made in writing by email or post. The claim for reimbursement results from the date of receipt of the written declaration of withdrawal. For Saturdays , Sundays and public holidays, the following working day applies.

6 Photo and video recordings

6.1 As part of the event, photo and video recordings may be made by the organizer or third parties commissioned by the organizer. These recordings will be used by the organizer, among other things, for its own marketing purposes and will be made available both on the Internet (e.g. on the organizer's website and in social networks) as well as at the organizer's events.

6.2 By submitting his purchase offer, the participant agrees that the recordings mentioned in Section 6.1 above depict him and may be used and archived for the above-mentioned purposes without compensation.

6.3 The participant agrees that images and video recordings will be made as part of the event and that these can be published. If you do not want to appear in these recordings, you must notify us in writing up to two weeks before the conference info@cloudnativeday.ch.

7 Liability of the organizer

7.1 Claims for damages arising from impossibility of performance, from breach of contract, from negligence in entering into a contract and from unlawful acts are completely excluded against the organizer and against the organizer's vicarious agents or vicarious agents, unless there is intentional or grossly negligent action. Liability indirect damage and consequential damage are also excluded. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

8 Final provisions

8.1 If individual provisions of these general terms and conditions are or become invalid in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining provisions remains unaffected.

8.2 Changes and additions to these general terms and conditions must be made in writing to be effective. This also applies to the cancellation of this written form clause.

8.3 The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contractual relationship is the headquarters of the organizer. The relationship between the contractual partner and the organizer is based exclusively on Swiss law.

8.4 Participants are not permitted to display or distribute corporate advertising at the venue. Violation will result in exclusion from the conference.