Our Team

Alexander Striffeler

Clean Code Wizard
Alex is open to everything but boredom. Be it in challenging software projects as an engineer or architect, when organizing IT conferences or on thrilling mountaineering trips: The sky ain’t the limit -- and friends are what makes things exciting.

Johann Gyger

Software Artist & Cloud Native Ambassador
Johann is a passionate software engineer living in Switzerland. He has over 20 years of industry experience working as a developer, architect, trainer, and consultant in various domains and for different customers and employers.

Johann is enthusiastic about the cloud native movement and organizes the Swiss Cloud Native Day and the Cloud Native Bern Meetup. He strongly believes in open source software and vendor-neutral standards.

Philipp Grossenbacher

Cloud-Native Enthusiast
Philipp has been working in large IT environments of various insurance and banking service providers for several years. He works as a PO at Mobiliar and has been fully committed to CNCF components with his team for several years.

Philipp loves to build new things together with good people, like products, meetups, startups or great events like the #swisscnd.

Lena Fuhrimann

Head in the Clouds
Lena is a passionate software engineer and architect. Together with Mathis Kretz she founded the company bespinian in 2019 and has since worked with many customers and interesting technologies. Her main focus lies on security, serverless technologies, public clouds and Infrastructure as Code. However, she has also worked a lot with Kubernetes and its ecosystem and has deployed many applications to those platforms using automation and GitOps.

She uses NixOS btw.

Mathias Herzog

IT Architect
Mathias is an enthusiastic IT architect. As co-founder of Peak Scale and keen technician with management background, he loves the role of bridge builder between various technical and organizational domains. With a solid background in highly scalable infrastructure and big data technologies, he continuously made his way towards modern, cloud native based architecture and software development topics. CI/CD, GitOps, infrastructure as code and Go are (currently) part of his toolbox.

Everything in IT should be built with constant change in mind to succeed in the infinite game. Mathias is always looking for new ways of doing things differently. He loves bringing interesting people together, and organizing community events is just one of his passions.

Mathis Kretz

Keeper of Simple
Mathis is a cloud native software architect and engineer. Together with Lena Fuhrimann he founded bespinian in 2019 where he is helping customers become successful in building new applications in public and private clouds or in migrating existing ones into such environments. His main focus is on microservices, Infrastructure as Code and DevOps. Mathis has experience in implementing these principles in serverless as well as Kubernetes- or even classical VM-based platforms.

He is also frequently trying to keep two kids amused.

Marc Merzinger

Cloud Native Travel Guide
Marc is an architect and engineer at ti&m. He helps companies adopt cloud native technology, whether by building architectures or implementing them. For him, it is important to share knowledge within teams to create sustainable solutions. Technology is a vehicle to create solutions for humans.

In his spare time, he enjoys exploring open source projects - and sometimes real life things like how to make good coffee.

Luana Cusseddu

Cloud Native System Engineer
Luana is a System Engineer who has built up her skills in different infrastructure environments and is working with PostFinance as the Product Owner of the Kubernetes Team. She believes that inclusiveness is the key to developing an excellent product and she embraces diverse perspectives with open ears and a judgment-free mindest.

Her personal quest: never to get stuck in the comfort zone.